BAM botanics south east london



We create hand crafted botanical homewares all made in Forest Hill, SE London. We are both passionate about sustainability & being kinder to the planet. We strive to keep this at the centre of our ethos by ensuring conscious steps are taken throughout our process, from the materials used in our products right through to our packaging & business cards.


Whilst trading at our favourite local makers markets we also teach creative workshops across London & online, helping others to discover the therapeutic benefits that come from immersing yourself in a new craft.

​BAM was formed in early 2018 when we both found ourselves wanting to explore something different & inject some creativity back into our lives. Over the past few years what was once a small project has now evolved into our own business which we are both extremely passionate about. Though it comes with its struggles, these are far outweighed by the pride & fulfilment that comes with being a totally independently run company. 


Thank you for supporting our small business!

Ellen & Kat