Workshop in an urban jungle!

Welcome to our first ever blog post! We wanted to start the blog to give you more of an insight into how we work and manage behind the scenes as a small business and to share our highlights (and possibly lowlights) as we continue to grow.

Yesterday we hosted a Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop for Beginners at Forest's beautiful Deptford store. Forest is one of our favourite locations to host a workshop as the space is so incredible! Filled to the rafters with so many amazing and exotic house plants we couldn't have asked for a better setting.

We always begin our workshops by introducing ourselves and showing the participants the design hat we're going to be making. We pride ourselves on using 100% recycled cotton yarn in all of our classes. We show them a short demo of the first knot and then tend to make our way around everyone individually to make sure that they've got the hang of it. This is where having two of us comes in handy! Students tend to pick up the knots and work at different paces so from here we go around and show them the steps one on one so that no one feels rushed or stressed.

We had such a lovely group of students yesterday and everyone ended up with a beautifully slick hanger (as they always do)! Check out our events and workshops pages to find info on our upcoming workshops. Next one at Forest will be on the 3rd of December #christmaspresentssorted :)